From conflict tracking and analysis to agricultural development, Elva delivers high quality tools for many purposes.


Datapage allows anyone to collect and publish data from the field. No IT experience required.

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  • Collect your data.

    Different contexts demand different tools. DataPage will allow you to collect data using the tools that local populations are already familiar with.

    Design your questionnaire online and implement it using a range of supported tools, including mobile data collection and web form.

    Data sets from other sources, such as paper surveys can easily be uploaded and integrated into your dashboard.
  • Gain insights.

    Manage your data in real time. Users will be able to monitor and manage incoming data flows. A data verification functionality will allow users to safeguard the integrity of published results.

    Manage your workflow by assigning different authorization levels to different users.

    Perform case management by creating individual profiles for respondents, beneficiaries or customers.
  • Tell your story.

    DataPage takes the work out of data visualization and analysis.

    Translate your data into a range of visualizations that people will want to explore, including interactive maps, quick overviews of key stats, graphs, charts and tables.

    Use the Page Builder to publish your data together with relevant analyses, infographics, photo's and video's.

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Peace and Development Index

Coming soon: A field manual to provide peacebuilders with a practical framework to gain actionable insights from the most challenging areas. In a hurry? Feel free to get in touch.

Urban Refugee Engagement Initiative

Much of the data that we collect is used by humanitarian service providers to tailor their interventions to local needs. Community-driven feedback helps humanitarians respond better to evolving needs on the ground. Let us know if you want to know more. → Read more about the initiative